Weekend Work Success and Sunday Work-to-Ride.

Today our team of helpers came together to make solid progress with track repairs, securing the apron, getting more of the ramp assembled, etc.  We had a number of people come together to help us extinguish the grilled-foods as well, let’s not forget that.
Not all work required laying on the ground but the shade under there was nice.  We also hosted some onlookers; we always welcome spectators to come by.



– Tomorrow is another work day (incl. other perks, see below) and likely the most important to date- we hope to finish the ADA-required ramp assembly and complete critical track surface repairs.  We’re hoping this is the last needed weekend of work, but we can only do it with lots of help.  Having a good-sized crew of available hands is vital to achieve this in time.

– Bring your bike because after working, we’re going for a ride!  On the track!  No racing, nothing aggressive, but we’ll be on it.
– After riding is the next SCVA Open Meeting, Sunday 6:30pm at the track and you’re invited to take part in that as well.

You don’t have to know the backstory behind this track to know how important the public’s support is for a community facility such as this one.  We’ve completed some of the repairs, have a small battalion of volunteers and have paid 35% of the remaining balance on the track itself (assuming paid in full by December).  We wouldn’t have gotten this far without pulling together, but continued support is vital for our city to save this asset.  It’s not saved yet but we’re making progress and will be riding circles on it in a few hours.

Thanks for your support!