Open Meeting, Sunday 6:30pm down at the track.

This Sunday after our work day we’ll be having our first open management meeting down at the track. Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to join us. We’ll be going over the current status of the track and our main programs, as well as discussing some critical topics for the future. In addition to the discussions we’ll be opening nominating officers for the organization going forward, with the intent to vote on them at our next meeting. Going forward we’re intending to meet at least monthly, and we’ll be publishing the ongoing schedule soon. Here’s our tentative agenda:

  1. Call to order and opening statements: (Track readiness and program, High School League, Junior Mechanics)
  2. Track Status (Update from Mike G.)
  3. Treasurers Report (Marcus M.)
    4. Licensing and 501c3 (Update from Tim A.)
    5. Junior Mechanics (Update from Tim A.)
    6. High School League (Update from Tim A.)
    8. Producing some paper materials: Flyers, Trifold, etc. (Discussion) 15 min.
    9. Fundraising (Discussion) 15 min.
    10. Races, open riding schedule, and coverage (Discussion) 15 min.
    11. Officers and roles (Discussion) 15 min.
    12. New Business
    13. Adjourn

Agenda items and nominations may be sent to or, by calling 1-872-588-7282 (Luv-SCVA) or posting on the event page. Also, we’re still looking for volunteers for the work days on Saturday and Sunday, so if you’re coming to the meeting consider showing early for a shift or two! The track is located at 87th and Burley, and there are lots of ways to get there:

By Bike: Take the lakefront trail past the Museum campus, taking a right at 71st street and then following S South Shore Drive to South Brandon Street. Take a right at South Brandon Street and then follow the left hand turn towards Burley. Turn right and Burley and continue down to 87th and the Velodrome.

By Metra, via Millennium Station: Take the Metra Electric towards South Chicago (93rd) exiting at 87th street. From there the velodrome is a short 3 minute walk East to Burley.

By Car, via 90/94: Take 90/94 south, exiting I55N to Lake Shore Drive South (US 41). At Marquette Avenue go left to South Shore Drive, right on 87th street, and another right onto Burley.

By Car, via I55: Take I55 North to S Lake Shore Drive (US 41). At Marquette Avenue go left to South Shore Drive, right on 87th street, and another right onto Burley.