About the SCVA

1-872-588-7282 (Luv-SCVA)

South Chicago Velodrome Association
track address: 8615 S. Burley Ave. Chicago
mail: 1310 N. Clybourn Ave. Chicago, IL 60610

President: Marcus Moore
– marcus@chicagovelodrome.com
– 312-587-0878

Vice President & Treasurer: John Cline
– jcline@leisureproductions.com

Secretary: Carl E. Wilkins
– cewbike@tds.net

Operations Director: Michael Genge
– michaelg@chicagovelodrome.com


Bicycles became commonplace in the late 1800’s as electricity and more efficient factories reduced their costs to the public. During this time, Chicago became world famous as a center for bicycle manufacturing and racing. Over the next 50 years our city was home to multiple¬†velodromes and, for many years, track racing was more popular than baseball. Over time all of these velodromes were lost, and from the 1940’s until 2011 there has only been one velodrome¬†built in Chicago; assembled for one week of exhibition racing at Taste of Chicago in 1996.

Track cycling is an exhilarating activity for all ages to compete at skill levels up to and including the Olympic level. In July of 2011 Chicago was lucky enough to have a world class track built on its south side that is in danger of being lost without the support and help of the community. The South Chicago Velodrome Association was formed in order to both save the physical velodrome itself, as well as to provide opportunities for the broader community to expand their knowledge of this fantastic sport. As a part of that mandate the organization is especially committed to outreach at the junior level, dedicated to growing the base for track cycling’s future. The SCVA seeks to reignite track cycling in Chicago and collaborate with other organizations at home and abroad in order to see the sport return to its former glory.