With so many ways to help, it would be a crime not to

The SCVA is a community driven organization and can’t succeed without the support of the people, but what does that really mean? Luckily we’re here to tell you that actually it means a lot of different things, but it all starts with a commitment. Right now we’re a small organization, and several of us are wearing a lot of different hats. We’re not all experts in what we’re doing, we come from different backgrounds, but we’re united in a commitment to help create something really special. We’ve committed time, dollars, expertise, or all of the above, and in return we’ve found camaraderie, made new friends, and the satisfaction of beginning to see some of the results that come when you pull together towards a common goal. There’s so much to do sometimes that it can be a little overwhelming, but there are three great places you can start:

1. Sign up for one of our work days and come help give the track the TLC it needs to get riders on it again (we’ll even feed you!)

2. Give a direct donation at our GoFundMe page. Every amount really does help, and we’re a long way from completing our payments on the track. Programs, instructors, coaches, and maintenance all cost money, so please consider giving what you can. If you’re in a position to make a large donation all the better, and we’re also looking for corporate sponsors.

3. Get involved with one of our programs as an ongoing volunteer for either our High School League or our Junior Mechanics program that are currently getting off the ground. Both are a great opportunity to work with young people and really make a difference.

There are lots of other ways to help. We still need to fill officer positions in the organization, an opportunity to influence the direction of things to come. We need designers and artists to help with flyers and media. We need volunteers willing to help run the track once it’s ridable and be there to keep things safe and running smoothly. There’s a place for everyone to pitch in, so please reach out via our volunteer form and we will absolutely find a place that you can help.