Track workday and BBQ social

Those of you who you have seen the track know that we need to repair the wear and tear that it’s seen since it’s been dormant. Saturday, 7/25, we’re going to be working throughout the day on continuing maintenance on the site and the track. We’ve got a lot we need to get done:

  • Cleanup and weeding of the grounds
  • Repair and attachment of the guard bumper
  • Securing attachment of the upper boards along the track

If we have enough time we’ll also be tackling:

  • Track patching and repair
  • Shoring of the track’s apron

We’ll be grilling and providing beverages for volunteers. The track needs work before we’re able to fully open for business, and we need help of all skill levels to get the work done. If you value having a track in the city, we need you to come out and get involved. Please sign-up for a shift or two here:

Track Workday 7/25

Volunteerspot allows us to keep track of who’s coming and when. Come on down, help a great cause, and enjoy some camaraderie and great food. It really takes a village to get this done folks, let’s not let the opportunity pass us by.