Opening day for the High School Track League Wednesday, 7/22

This Saturday we’re still looking for volunteers for our big track workday, but things are rolling and this Wednesday will mark the first official day of the High School Track League. Students from high schools across the Chicago area will meet the coach and start work on basic skills on the grounds at the velodrome. This year is a pilot for the program, but we’ve got big plans and hope to be working formally with schools around the city by next year.

The program will run through the end of CPS summer break (8/26) for students 14-18 years old, and is open to all skill levels. Our USAC certified coach (look for an introductory post soon) has worked with people of all levels from novices all the way to olympic athletes. We’re still looking for participants, so if you or your child is interested please reach out to us.

Sessions run twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 11am-2pm (1 1/2 hour sessions). Classes will begin with basic bike skills and progress into various flat-land and on-track drills, off- and on-bike. Before long they’ll be performing in recorded time trials and mass start racing in a couple weeks. We’re incredibly excited to be putting together this program and look forward to working with the students on a fantastic journey.