Sunday the 12th? Looking for 1-2 More Helpers…

Volunteer Brian took a lap after today’s work on the track.  Brian, Matt and Jim put in a couple of hours’ to make progress on surface repairs before succumbing to the heat.  Thanks guys!
– Sunday the 12th -> If 1-2 more people commit we will have another work session Sunday; we already have two signed up but need minimum of 3 to schedule.  Target time would be starting at 2pm but can be adjusted to meet volunteers’ availability.  If you want to make the day happen email Board member Jim Middleton (click here) or call/text his cell 312-504-4244


If you need to get caught up with recent announcements please read Velodrome Updates for Immediate Distribution and the related follow-up Deadline Met & Open Gate Saturday.  All operational concerns expressed the last couple days are big obstacles that must be met a.s.a.p. in order to function (remember- last year’s main volunteers aren’t involved this year).  If you have a skill or talent you want to apply in a way that benefits a community organization or just to volunteer in a general capacity- we’d love to hear from you.

SCVA will be incurring increased costs as the season gets up to speed (only ~1/3 of track paid for) and if you were thinking about contributing- there’s no better time than right now.  Please donate today, share our news and consider volunteering soon.  Preferred methods are QuickPay from Chase Bank- addressed to “” (no overhead), followed by Paypal payments to “” (~3% overhead) and at (~8% overhead).