Deadline Met & Open Gate Saturday

Brief updates for the day…
We covered the insurance payment late this afternoon- thanks to everyone for sharing of the immediate need, donating and calling!
Next things needed are very important and manageable.


* Saturday June 11, 12-2:30pm * Board member Jim Middleton 312-504-4244 will be at the track, the gate will be open and you’re invited to swing through.  Noon opening assumes good traffic flow. 

– Work Days- if you want to take part during the next week- message here, email or call 872-588-7282 (Luv-SCVA). Dates haven’t been set yet but we’re trying to schedule around available volunteers- carpenters are needed for surface repairs (1 day w/ crew of 3) and general maintenance can be performed by anyone.

– Open House / Riding- we have an earlier start this year and repairs should go quickly. The intent is to have the track fully rideable by the 18th/19th. In order to open the track- volunteers are needed to staff the facility.

– Racing- an organized race schedule is possible but without a Race Director I’m hesitant to make promises. SCVA is looking for people who want to help with this.

– Directors / Organizing- SCVA needs more people to take ownership in how things develop going forward. The main volunteers from last year all have separate commitments this year and can’t put enough time into the track to serve the community’s needs. SCVA needs people for leadership positions as well as for filling the volunteer base.

There’s still a lot to be done but we’ve gotten past this hump, repairs are almost done and we’re super-close to riding again (in a week?).
Thanks for getting us to this point; you’re invited to continue helping make this track something the community can benefit from for many more years.