Pre-Meeting Ride Time Tuesday, Agenda and Work Day Recap


Come by the velodrome today to ride 5-7pm, immediately before the monthly meeting (meeting starts at 7).  1-5pm we’ll be doing maintenance and you’re invited to take part in any, or all, of these activities.

During this evening’s meeting we’ll finish a round of Director nominations and designate some Committee Chairs.  A number of other important topics are mentioned in the agenda here. <- You can put notes on this document; please add items, post questions, suggestions, etc.

Last Saturday’s Team Challenge Work Day was our best-attended in a while and a lot of progress was made (some people in photo); thanks to everyone who showed up!  The track is about 95% of full-riding condition.


SCVA Workday w: arrows


SCVA has paid about 1/3 of the outstanding balance on the track structure (as well as hefty insurance premiums) but we’ve fallen behind and are in danger of serious penalties (to put it lightly).  We want to make this dream a reality for Chicago- to have a velodrome in the city, owned outright by a grassroots charity and be available to the public.  The financial side of the equation needs help though.  We’re about to initiate a couple fundraising efforts but are in need of funds now for the current insurance and track payments.

What can you do today?  1) Donate/sponsor through our GoFundMe page (or email for more efficient/other methods), 2) Share SCVA’s needs in your networks and/or 3) Get two friends to join in making a donation.


Thank you; the best is yet to come!