Team Workday with XXX Racing

A┬ásmall team of dedicated folks have been continuing the work down at the track, but the low turnouts have meant it’s┬átaking much longer than expected. We still have time to get wheels down on the track this year if we’re able to complete repairs, and with a break in the heat it’s a great time to be down by the lake and working outside. This Saturday from 1pm-6pm XXX Racing will be lending a hand at the velodrome to try to help push us over the edge. We need a big turnout in order to complete some of the larger jobs, especially the ADA ramp. Come out and join us.

We’re continuing to take nominations for board positions right up until the meeting on September 22nd. If you’re interested in getting more involved but haven’t been able to make the work days there’s still plenty to be done in the organization itself. Get involved and help set the direction for the year to come! We’ve added a calendar to the main page to make keeping track of what’s going on a little easier for people. As always we’re interested to hear what people have to say so feel free to reach out. We say it a lot, but we really need the support of the community to make this work, so please let us know if there’s a way we can better engage.