Meet our Director of Operations, Michael Genge!

If you’ve been down to the track, or if you stopped by the Intelligentsia Cup last weekend it’s likely you met our Director of Operations, Michael Genge. He’ll be leading things tomorrow at our big track workday, and we thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce him. Mike is responsible for the day to day workings of the track and right now he’s focused on getting everything ready to get bike rubber down and races going. He’s also involved in our High School League program, and is helping to put together our Junior Mechanics program (we’re still looking to hire leaders). If you’re interested in helping or have questions about the facilities you’ll likely hear from Mike.

Mike has a degree in Architecture and Design, and is looking to open a frame shop when he’s not helping to run the track. In his younger days he raced himself, and if you ask him I think he’ll tell you that working on the track may have rekindled that desire. He’s got an impressive bit of cycling history and trivia banging around his skull, especially when it comes to velodromes in Chicago. Ask him about Humboldt Park and the Olympic trials, you might be surprised. Folks like him and Coach Thordarson are all part of what we need to get this up and running. Don’t forget that you can help too! So sign up for our work day tomorrow, reach out to Mike, or contact us through our volunteer signup.