Velodrome Open Today; Need Weekend Support

TODAY- South Chicago Velodrome is open today from 10am until 8:30pm.  Stop by for any reason- to ride, help out for a bit, to say “hi” or to re-supply pizza or icy drinks 🙂

Carl will be opening the gate by 10 with helper Jim showing up around 1pm.  Psimet rider and category 2 racer John Cline will come around to lead workouts 3:30-7pm.

Riding will be partly determined by track surface condition and timing- there’s one hole to patch (and some small fill-spots and screws to set) to make the track 100% rideable, otherwise it’s fully rideable below the Stayers Line.

THIS WEEKEND- At this point in time, no one is committed to being Gatekeeper Saturday or Sunday; I’ll update the SCVA Google calendar once/if that changes.  We had about 30 visitors last weekend and there is interest from users.  It would be a shame to not open this weekend.

To sign up to help, goto the scheduling form here.

A couple events being planned (in the early stages) by volunteers are a youth Bike Rodeo and some adult riding (non-track) classes.

We’re also looking forward to July 21st’s Intelligentsia Cup South Chicago Kermesse Road Race (looking for more helpers).