Weekend Track Visitors Up; Looking to the Coming Days

South Chicago Velodrome had about 30 visitors the last two days (Saturday & Sunday).  About 12 took some laps on the track, no serious riding.  Thanks to Carl Wilkins for heading activities the last three days!

No one is scheduled to staff the track again until Friday July 8 (Carl again) and no one has signed up to head next weekend.  To schedule the gates being open we need one “gatekeeper” and at least two others to make a commitment.  If we have a “team” of four or more that commits to a session- we can “show the ropes” and assign new gatekeepers, growing the schedule.

If you’re wondering about potential events at the track- there are the obvious: open riding times, learning classes, categorized riding, coached sessions and racing.  Some gatekeepers will be qualified to lead riding on the track but not all undertakings will require that training.

Other activities can be held in the infield, on the track (non-riding), parking lot, in the office and along the perimeter- bike rodeos for kids, general riding instruction classes (“Learn to Ride” and Urban Cycling/Commuting 101), landscaping club, tutoring…

To volunteer or receive ~weekly emails sign up here.  To see which days need help, goto the scheduling form here.

* July 21st is Intelligentsia Cup South Chicago Kermesse Road Race (with a new, longer course!) and we’re looking for helpers on the velodrome grounds.

* Some area residents are planning a bike rodeo for kids and we’ll be looking for helpers who are either experienced with rodeos or want to help in a general way.  Date: tbd.