Saturday’s Schedule and Sunday’s Intent

12-4pm Today- Saturday June 18: We’re building a crew and have three people so far.  There are still a few small spots to hit.  Carl will be inspecting in a few days and we’ll have full riding soon (times proportional to volunteer commitment and turnout).

Friday didn’t happen after only two people could make it so we’re a day behind.

Sunday we’ll have the gates open in the afternoon- not sure what the start and end time will be but will update this post as details solidify.  Hoping for a nice day to light up the track grill and feed come tummies as well as curiosity.

If you want to help with anything this weekend or in the near future- reach out to me any time or 872-588-7282 (Luv-SCVA).

If you’re wondering how this will work out, it’s fully dependent on people getting involved.  There’s new momentum, new people, it’s almost fully rideable and we have the whole summer in front of us.  Help us make this facility a beneficial addition to our communities.  Last week’s quick Velodrome Updates here.