Today’s Update and Friday’s Call; Thanks Helpers!

IMG_2597Today’s workday was successful with 7 volunteers (SEVEN!) covering a variety of needs to get the track open to the public again.  Thanks everyone!

Friday June 17 we’re hoping to have enough people to make another workday happen.  We have two committed and four maybes but need three committed minimum.  The earliest committed wants to start at 9-9:30.  If you want to commit or show an interest contact Board member Jim Middleton (email or call/text 312-504-4244) or myself or 872-588-7282 (Luv-SCVA).  *Update- sounds like we have 3 committed for “after lunch”…


We’re hoping to have a soft open house this weekend but times and days depend on having people lined up to oversee everything; if you want to help make this happen contact Jim or myself (contact info above).  *Update- Sunday looks probable while Saturday is also a possibility.

We’re working on scheduling track inspection with Carl and he should be able to do that in 2-7 days from now.  We’re hoping to pass and have full riding commence soon after.  Scheduling for all riding sessions and “open hours” is fully dependent on volunteer commitment (big and small).  SCVA is a new organization and still building a volunteer base.  Please stick with us during this growing process, send in your feedback and suggestions and we’ll work on making this facility beneficial for everyone.

Last note today- we’re in constant “fundraising mode” and re-starting track payments soon. Donations, sponsorships and riding pass purchases allows SCVA to reach it’s potential; please consider a payment through QuickPay from Chase Bank- addressed to “”, Paypal to “” or at