13-17 June Workdays and Updates

Track riding next weekend?

Surface repairs are almost complete, we’re scheduling workdays for this week and looking for more hands.  Board member Jim Middleton (email here or call/text 312-504-4244) is scheduling and we’ll try to post here as dates and times are set *some impromptu sessions might happen so please contact Jim directly if you’re interested.

We’ll need 3 people committed to set a work window.  Right now- we have 2 for Tuesday assuming weather cooperates, 2 (possibly 3) for Thursday (but “possible” helpers don’t count for commitment) and 1 (possibly 3) for Friday.  Sometime in the following days we’ll have Carl Wilkins inspect the repairs.

The repairs left to do are much smaller than the one in this photo.  One patch spot remains that is maybe one square foot and a few other small hand-sized epoxy-fill spots…  Nothing to be intimidated by.


We should have the track in full riding condition next weekend (June 18, 19) and plan to have a soft Open House.  The day and time are to be determined.

If you need to get up to speed on recent news, start here- Velodrome Updates.

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