Velodrome and Chicago’s 10th Ward Team Up for Clean & Green 2016

Even after a mild winter, spring-cleaning bells start ringing on time.

Saturday April 16  SCVA’s first clean-up day of the season coincides with Alderwoman Garza’s 10th Ward Clean & Green day of service, where community members band together to help beautify the neighborhood.  Board member Pablo Calderón will have the gate open by 10am and the day will consist of light-beautification that anyone can contribute to, and everyone is invited.


Track Repairs will commence as early as Sunday April 17 with Board member Michael Genge overseeing. We’d like to have every weekend, and some weekdays, filled with work with the intention of full riding around the end of the month. UPDATE- Sunday April 17 is cancelled but send Mike G your intentions for helping the following weekends, if you want check weekday work schedules or if you have a group that wants to volunteer.  *Also good for service learning hours.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 5.34.37 PM Perfect Track Weather Ahead!

Those ^ two items are immediate and call for the community’s help while the following items touch on why we’re doing this and address one of the big questions hanging over our heads…

* Board member Fr. Wolf Werling has been working with a few schools in the track’s vicinity trying to get two things accomplished- starting a High School Youth League and getting some bicycle- and velodrome-related course materials (science, physics, physical education, building trades, history, etc.) established for teachers.  Having the track ready for full riding in time to engage these young people before they’re out for summer vacation would be good.

* SCVA has been quiet recently but we’ve been working on alleviating the burden of the landowner-required $15M insurance coverage, which costs about $30K/year.  This financial stipulation has been one of the more difficult hurdles and was recently covered in DNA Info and Streetsblog (spoiler alert: we made the payment before cancellation, with the help of supporters) but one of our 2016 goals is to find another path that will lead to future sustainability.  With reason to believe this cost will not always be high- we push forward and are grateful for the public’s support.  More news coming, as things develop.

* Another piece of recent news was that McCaffery interests is no longer involved with Lakeside Development LLC (the company that governs the former Steel Works site).  This does not affect SCVA’s land lease.

Look for Board Member profiles to hit this blog soon!


SCVA is planning on 2016 being a year of growth in many ways.  We can’t do it without community support.

If you want to contribute to, or have feedback for, any aspect of this effort- don’t hesitate to contact us.  SCVA is an IRS recognized 501c3 public charity and donations are tax deductible…  Sponsorship and ride-pass information can be requested through email here.