Breaking the Wall and a Word of Thanks

Even though we’re cycling oriented it seems appropriate that the Chicago Marathon is this weekend, and while thousands of people will be running for 26 miles, we’re trying to reach 10K.

A week ago we sent out a call for help; we’d hit our own wall and needed the support of our community to keep us running. I’m happy to say we’ve managed to break through and we’re still going. So far, since October 1, we’ve managed to raise almost ten thousand dollars ($9742) from 67 contributions. That’s enough to pay the insurance installment which was past-due, apply for the city licensing we’ll need to hold races in the coming year, and cover our other obligations from our summer programs.

We saw a huge outpouring of support from donors and new sponsors both large and small, and we’re thankful to all of you. We also know that some of you reached out to others and spread the word about SCVA and that helped tremendously as well. We know that not everyone can give, and we also know how difficult it is to ask others to. Seeing people make that commitment helps remind us that we’re not alone in keeping things going, and we’re far from done.


Over the next few weeks we’ll continue to repair the track and get it ready for the coming school groups and winter.

We’re also looking to put together some opportunities to get together with all of you, something perhaps a bit more fun than a work day (though don’t knock it ’til you try it!) With the new Board in place we’re excited to be expanding what we can accomplish, including raising funds from other sources. We’ve submitted our 501c3 application (1023) and the IRS has 90 days to respond.  In the mean time we’re looking at some other creative ways to put together additional funds and working with the current track owner in arranging payments while we do so.

Those of you who’ve stepped up for us please continue to talk to your friends and family about the SCVA. As you’ve heard us say before every bit helps, and this drive was the proof.