Open Letter

South Chicago Velodrome Association

Open Letter- October 2, 2015


We are currently at a crossroads for the future of the velodrome. While surface repairs are about 85% complete and “casual riding” is taking place, we must raise $3,500 between October 1st and 8th for our insurance policy payment. If our insurance is canceled, we will be required to vacate the premises and the track itself could be repossessed. We have made great progress in recent months, including the addition of new members to our board and the completion of our 501c3 application allowing new avenues of fundraising in the future, but we are still at a moment of crisis.


Here are the things we’re asking supporters to do this week:

– Donate: Friends, your friends, networks and small to medium gifts can fill this short-term need.  Every $20-100+ helps these next few days.  If you’ve already donated, can you consider anothother gift?

– Help spread the word: share the news and contact 5 friends to donate or sponsor. Personal appeals made face to face are the single strongest way to get new supporters. Remember, no amount is too small.

– Sponsors:  Formal sponsor proposals will be ready later this month but we’re looking now for anyone who wants to get a head start.  Reach out to your local businesses or places of work to see if they’re able to sponsor the track and add themselves to an effort to make a difference in the city.


Any and all contributions to support this effort can be made here:

Chase Quickpay and funds can be sent to


After Chicago almost lost its only inner-city velodrome in late 2014, the South Chicago Velodrome Association was formed and successfully negotiated a contract to purchase the track. About ⅓ of the balance has been paid, the land lease is signed and a solid insurance policy is in SCVA’s name.  The SCVA is entirely managed and run through the commitment of its volunteers. We believe we have a rare opportunity to share and can help expand a unique part of the cycling community

For more information about the track itself:


Marcus Moore

President, South Chicago Velodrome Association


P  872-588-7282 (Luv-SCVA)