Monthly Meeting, New Directors and Fundraising Needs

Last Tuesday’s meeting went very well with 13 attendees, six being first-timers. It was great to see a good turn out and active participation!

SCVA would like to welcome new Directors: Michael Genge (Operations), James Middleton (Fundraising), Jamel Triggs (Communications), Fr. Wolf Werling (Community Outreach), Michael Roeser (Finance), Pablo Calderón and Timothy Alexander; thank you all for your commitments.

Next week we’ll have a “nitty gritty” Board and Volunteer meeting (TBA) and will be hammering out Autumn scheduling, final repairs and other late/off-season plans then (if not before).  If you want to be involved with track maintenance or any other activities during the next week email or call 872-588-7282 (Luv-SCVA).


SCVA has a new Fundraising Chair (Thanks James!), new initiatives to be rolled out and we’ll be looking for foot-soldiers and other help soon…  However, we have outstanding (and pending) bills before the new events get rolling.  Currently behind with track (8k) and insurance (~2k) payments as well as trying to pay for city licensing ($850) and other things, you’re invited to donate or sponsor at any time through our crowd-funding page or through Chase QuickPay (most efficient) or Paypal to