Thursday and Friday Workday Parties

Open Workdays at the South Chicago Velodrome Thursday and Friday this week- Aug 20th and 21st- and you’re invited.

Gates will be open Thursday between 12 and 6:30pm: Thursday’s Facebook Event Page
and Friday 9am-8pm: Friday’s FB Event Page
* need not sign up or be on FB to be involved.

We’re getting this track done and ready for full riding going as late in the year as possible… Our goal is to get the main track repairs snuffed out before Saturday. Many of the jobs are easy and we already have a number of friends ready to come together for this. Let’s get over this hump together!

Everyone’s Invited to SCVA Workday Parties!
We’ll be doing a variety of tasks including but not limited to:
– Cleaning the track surface (easy)
– Weeding the infield (easy)
– Carrying supplies (easy, fitness helps)
– Assembling “the ramp” (moderate; strong and fit helps)
– Carpentry (moderate to advanced ability needed)
– Cooking at the grill (can be controversial)
* Michael Genge is in charge Thursday
* Carl Wilkins is in charge Friday

* Saturday and Sunday haven’t been scheduled yet
* If you want to make a weekend commitment, reach us at or 1-872-588-7282 (Luv-SCVA)

* We have a grill on site, feel free to bring your choice for it.


As always- you’re invited to reach us with any questions, feedback, suggestions, etc 1-872-588-7282 (Luv-SCVA) or and there’s a new anonymous “suggestion form” here.
Thank you!