We signed a lease

SCVA signed lease-to-purchase papers for the velodrome structure with V-Worldwide yesterday, Sunday 3 May 2015, and made the first payment!

If there was any doubt about this happening- it’s time to change that mindset.

This is a group effort and many people are contributing to the progress. Good things are happening. Thank you everyone!

We have only paid the first $20K on the track and have a lot of fundraising to go. Our goal is to finish paying it off this year. We’re working on the land lease and liability insurance now; once those are in place we can begin carrying out repairs and have riding a couple weeks after that.

At this point in time- we need an influx of volunteers to effectively carry out all operations (as well as filling out the board, etc). If you haven’t seen the variety of talents we’ll put to use, especially with the new programming and partnerships, you might be surprised at how much of the community can be included in such a facility’s life.

Sign up today to volunteer, with a business/sponsor lead, or for any other reason: Volunteer Form

Keep the pledges coming- for track passes, advertising or charitable reasons. Refer another and earn credits: Pledge Form

Call any time with questions, suggestions, feedback etc. Thank you! 1-872-Luv-SCVA [588-7282]