Velodrome piece on Chicago Tonight – Tonight!

WTTW Channel 11 has the South Chicago Velodrome Association piece on Chicago Tonight scheduled for this evening at 7pm CST. For those of you visiting us via that piece, welcome!

This is a big week and the SCVA needs are great- with work to be done, funds to be raised, tools to be borrowed. This week we need:

  • Helmets, discarded, any shape or size, may be cracked (20 total)- to be used for a physical demonstration at a festival Saturday
  • Garden Hose (will be returned in a week). We’re going to power wash the track surface and need 1000′ or more
  • 2x4s, 2x6s 4 feet or longer sections, used or slightly warped is fine. A little over 200′ is needed
  • A refrigerator, used. To keep in the track trailer to help everyone
  • Other supplies will be used (blacktop repair materials, plywood, paint, epoxies, other landscape tools)- lending and donations are always appreciated.
  • Volunteers smile emoticon Saturday! 10am-8pm we’re sharing a booth with Intelligentsia Cup at the East Side Community Day 105th and Ewing and looking for friends to hang out at the booth where we’ll have a helmet/mellon-smashing demo every half hour and a set of rollers so we can attract and captivate

Check the Wishlist for more.

The financial crunch is really starting this week. About a quarter of our 2015 expenditures are due (including track purchase) and our bank account is hanging out at the fence-line. Contribution information can be found here or feel free to call to address questions, or understand how SCVA’s mission will benefit the larger community going forward at 1-872-Luv-SCVA [588-7282].

We’ll need everyone to rally behind the effort in order for it to succeed. We have a unique opportunity to make a significant difference in Chicago’s landscape… It’s up to us to make this accessible, long lasting, workable for the public’s benefit and to use what we have (talents, community connections, thriving metropolis) to make the most of this resource.

Talking about the facts with friends (spreading the word) is beneficial. There’s lots still to do and we thank everyone for the incredible, generous contributions so far; we wouldn’t have gotten this far without all of you.

Thank you everyone!